28th 2014
Introducing Inscale IPS Low Cost Parcel Weighing Scale

New Products

Inscale is pleased to announce the introduction of a new parcel scale, the IPS180. This new scale is a cost effective solution to parcel weighing, Read more...
10th October 2012
Introducing Adam Equipment's New Hanging Scales SHS and LHS series

Adam Equipment, the scale and balance manufacturer, has introduced heavy-duty SHS and LHS hanging scales to safely measure suspended items. Read more...

30th August 2012
Adam Equipment Introduces Warrior Washdown Scales

New Scale Series Unites Durability and Precision



The Warrior is a recent addition to the scale and balance market, and it is taking the science of weighing to new levels of strength and performance. Read more...

15th May 2011
New Product Release From Inscale
New Products Inscale introduce the IBW Portable Bench Scale and the IBC Portable Counting Scale,which offer quick and simple weighing or counting, Read more...
13th May 2011
Just How Important is Calibration ?

We are often asked this question by many different people in all sorts of markets, and as Adam Equipment recently wrote this article on the same subject we thought we would share this with our customers, hopefully giving you some food for thought and a better understanding.

When and Why You Should Calibrate Your Balance . Read more...

1st October 2010
Are you counting on the right scales?

As a company you count on every item you make or buy being right and its important because you’re paying for it, so how do you know you’ve got the right amount of items that you’ve bought from your supplier or made the right number of items to send to your production department or customers ? Read more...

30th September 2010
How to get the best out of your weighing scales?
Here are some hints and tips on how to get the best performance from your scales:   It all starts with the identification of the right balance and scale for your application and needs. Inscale can advise you Read more...
29th September 2010
Trade Approved or Legal Scales
In the UK it is illegal to sell items or produce by weight without using a Trade approved or legal scales, as a trader selling by weight YOU are responsible to ensure that the scales you use are suitable and are correctly 'stamped' for use within the UK. Read more...
13th September 2010
Inscale Introduce Sartorius Precision Balances

We are delighted to announce that Inscale is now distributing the Sartorius range of Weighing solutions. Read more...

1st January 2010
Adam Equipment's New Core BalanceTM Designed for the Classroom and General Lab Use.

Adam Equipment, a worldwide manufacturer of high-quality and affordable electronic scales and balances, recently released its Core BalanceTM range.  Read more...