Spring Testers

Spring Testing is a measure of the compression or tension force exerted by a spring at a specific deflection or length, or the deflection or length of a spring at a specific force.

Springs can be found everywhere and the performance and reliability of products can be critical. Spring Tester are a quick and efficient way of testing springs to check quality.

Wherever there are springs and spring like components, virtually all should to be tested.

Springs exert a specific force at a specific length. If springs do not perform correctly the results can be anything from quality critical to safety critical. Once they have been excercised or scragged, springs are often tested many times in a cyclic test procedure and some spring life tests can last for thousands of cycles.

Sauter Spring Tester SD-S

Capacity Range: 10 - 30N

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Sauter Spring Tester SD-M

Capacity Range: 50 - 500N

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Sauter Spring Tester SD-L

Capacity Range: 1 - 5kN

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