Hanging and Crane Scales

The following scales can be split into two groups, hanging scales and balances and crane scales.

Hanging scales and balances are commonly used either by hand or suspended from a fixed position. Typical uses are weighing mail bags, fishing, weighing feed sacks or bulk bags.

Crane scales are used for bigger applications and can often be found in goods in or at the ports for off loading of shipps. Crane scales have two functions, one is to give you the weight of an item, the other is to ensure operators do not overload the crane or hoist, so they have a saftey function.

Hanging scales, typically are lower in capacity and price, whist the crane scales have capacities up to 10 tonne and are more expensive.

Adam Crane Scales SHS

Capacity Range: 0 - 300kg

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Adam Crane Scales LHS

Capacity Range: 0 - 2000kg

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Crane Scales IHS

Capacity Range: 0-10Tonne

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Crane Scales HUS

Capacity Range: 0 - 600kg

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Hanging Balance HCB Crane

Capacity Range: 0 - 200kg

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Hanging Balance CH

Capacity Range: 0 - 50kg

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Spring Balance 281

Capacity Range: 0 - 2500g

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