Bending Beam Load cells

Bending beam load cells require particular care when mounting to ensure good load introduction and to prevent damage from side or non axial forces. Fully weld-sealed stainless steel low capacity beams down to 5kg are now available offering excellent solutions to low capacity weighing in harsh environments. Ideal for low capacity vessels or hoppers for process weighing applications, also suitable for low profile platforms and roll-on platform scales
The bending beam load cell often takes the form of a dual cantilever design, which gives it the important properties of moment insensitivity.
This property is sometimes known as "off-centre loading" capability or "single-point" capability, and makes the load cell very useful for weighing platforms that are supported in the centre by one load cell only. Most retail scales (shop scales) are made by using this type of load cell.
In the case where bending beams are not of the dual cantilever single point type, it is usually necessary to use several load cells, supporting a platform or a framework that distributes the load evenly amongst the load cells.